Top Reasons To Contact A Copper Roofing Company In Royal Oak MI

Metal roofs offer a surprising amount of durability. In fact, some options can last a full century. This is impressive when compared to the lifespan asphalt shingles which are currently the top choice in the nation. Standard asphalt shingles last just 25 years. In fact, even upgraded, three-tab architectural shingles rarely last beyond three decades. However, there are many other impressive benefits that copper roofing can provide. The following are some of the top reasons to contact a copper roofing company in Royal Oak MI today.

Did you know that copper has natural antimicrobial properties? This makes it an excellent choice for any who’s dealt with roof mold or heavy accumulations of algae or roof moss in the past. You’ll need fewer copper roof repair and cleaning services throughout the lifespan of your roof given that it’s both resistant to many microorganisms and more likely to remain watertight.

You can work with specialty roofing contractors to install copper roofing if you want to add intrinsic value to your home. As a semi-precious metal, copper roofing holds value despite its aesthetics, condition, or style. With gorgeous copper roof, you can list and sell your home more. You can also expect assessors to value it for more if simply refinancing your mortgage loan.

Copper is gorgeous and its looks only improve with time. As copper ages, it develops a gorgeous patina. When you pair an all-copper roof with matching gutters and downspouts, you can greatly improve your home’s curbside appeal.

This is also one of the most efficient roofing materials available. It absorbs and radiates far less heat than most other roofing types. This means that you can look forward to lower heating and cooling costs and a smaller carbon footprint. To experience the benefits of copper roofing firsthand, get in touch with Renaissance Restorations, Inc. Today!