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Renaissance Restorations, Inc. serves as a porch contractor throughout Detroit’s historic neighborhoods: Indian Village, Palmer Woods, Sherwood Forest, University District, Boston-Edison, Woodbridge, Grosse Pointe Communities, and Rosedale Park. The porch is a significant architectural element of a house. It is functional as well as an important part of the overall architecture of a residence. The porch is built outside of the enclosed walls of the structure at one or more entrances.

In older and historical homes the porch served as an overall statement as to the house itself, with a shingled roof covering, tongue and groove decking, ornate balustrade and overstated columns for example. Fast forward to today and we find the porch the most single neglected feature of an older home. It is easy to forget the maintenance on the porch, steps and railings, only to find that when the time comes that it must be repaired, what was originally simple maintenance is now structural defects. At Renaissance Restorations, Inc., we have restored hundreds of porches back to their original glory giving them the place they deserve in the overall architecture of the home.