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Siding is the outer jacket a house. It is meant to repel moisture, insects and protect from the effects of weather. It is as a key element in the architectural splendor of the structure and will directly influence its property value. It can be made of wood (lap or shingle), metal (aluminum), plastic (vinyl), masonry (cement board), or composite materials. It may be attached directly to the building’s structure, or to an transitional layer of wood (boards, planks, plywood, oriented strand board) called sheathing.

In an older or historic home restoring or preserving the original siding is an important element in bringing the home back to its original splendor. At Renaissance Restorations, Inc. we have restored or replaced the siding on hundreds of homes in Detroit and surrounding cities. Trust Renaissance Restorations, Inc. with your siding needs. We proudly serve throughout Detroit’s historic neighborhoods: Indian Village, Palmer Woods, Sherwood Forest, University District, Boston-Edison, Woodbridge and Rosedale Park.