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Renaissance Restorations, Inc. is a bathroom renovation contractor serving clients throughout Detroit historic neighborhoods: Indian Village, Palmer Woods, Sherwood Forest, University District, Boston-Edison, Woodbridge, Grosse Pointe Communities, and Rosedale Park. The professionals at Renaissance Restorations understand that the bathroom is one of the most used and important spaces in the home. We are confident in our ability to add value to your home as well as increase your family’s quality of life through our bathroom renovation techniques. By optimizing your bathroom’s appearance and functionality, we can effectively transform your bathroom into one of the most comfortable places in your home.

A Fascinating History

Many people laugh at the idea that the bathroom has an illustrious and fascinating history – but it really does. In fact, many of today’s hottest trends in bathroom design are deeply rooted in the bathing rituals of the world’s earliest civilizations. Homeowners who wish to create bathrooms suitable for a king or goddess need only walk through the pages of history for inspiration.

As early as 3000 B.C., city dwellers in the Middle East displayed a reverence for cleanliness by building huge communal bathtubs in the center of their towns. Private homes were built with bathing platforms that were early versions of today’s luxury showers and whirlpools. It is with history as an inspiration that Renaissance Restorations is installing bathroom elements that are suggestive of bygone eras.

When it comes to renovations your bathroom, it helps to think of it in two ways – as a retreat and as an investment. For the investment part of the formula, keep in mind that the bathroom is one of the sites of top return on investment in your entire home. This is especially apparent when it comes time to sell your home. Your investments in your bathroom today may actually profit you in the future.

As for the retreat part of the bathroom formula, we once again fall back on a history lesson. The concept of privacy began to evolve during the Middle Ages when monks separated privy seats with paneled walls and medieval castles were built with bathroom “closets” called garderobes.

Today’s overwhelmed and stressed homeowners are beginning to use their bathrooms to escape from the pressures of their hectic everyday lives. Not only are more bathrooms now designed with a separate compartment for the toilet, consumers are choosing products that soothe the spirit such as steam showers, body sprays, heated tile floors, whirlpool tubs and showers built for two.