Design Ideas With A Top Basement Renovation Contractor In Royal Oak MI

Basements have become one of the most versatile spaces in the home because there’s so much you can do with them. These rooms can be transformed into separate living quarters, a children’s playroom, or a man cave depending on your lifestyle preferences. As a trusted basement renovation contractor in Royal Oak MI we provide top design tips for your next remodel.

If you’re looking for ways to update this area without spending a lot, then a new coat of paint, adding floating shelves, and improving the storage can add value. Most real estate buyers look for storage, good lighting, and finished flooring in basements when they’re viewing a property to purchase. If you aren’t sure about the design steps to take, our creative and experienced team will work with you to transform your space.

For those who need more laundry space, we can transform basements to fit washers, dryers, and cabinets for storage. By moving your laundry equipment into the lower level of the house, it provides more room. We can add smart design solutions such as countertops and shelving to store detergents in addition to wall and floor materials that are easy to clean.

We’ve come across many homeowners who started remodeling projects but due to project delays or other constraints, they don’t finish the revamp. This can leave the room looking stark and it depreciates your home’s value. Fortunately, our Royal Oak basement finishing service can help complete your remodel with innovative and affordable upgrades that make the room functional and attractive.

Our basement builders can take outdated areas and upgrade them with stylish finishes such as modern lighting, low-maintenance flooring, and open-plan design. Whether you want a new game room, a home theater, or a rental income, we are here to make those dreams a reality. It doesn’t matter if your existing ground level is an incomplete remodel or you want to upgrade the entire space, you can speak to us for the best in custom renovations.