The Benefits Of Working With A Top-Rated Royal Oak Mi Slate Roofing Repair Company

Tile roofing replacement is a tedious, multi-step process. The good news is that with the right contractors, you can enjoy minimal disruption and outstanding results. At Renaissance Restorations, Inc., we’re adept in working with these classic roofing systems. Read on to discover some of the many benefits you can enjoy when using our Royal Oak MI slate roofing repair services.

We can restore the original look and integrity of the roof on your historic home. We’re best-known for our work in historic home restorations. We understand how to navigate the challenging legal processes for updating properties that have this prestigious designation. We can help you find the same or comparable slate materials and assist you in getting the necessary permits and project approvals.

Our team practices effective noise and dust control. You won’t have to worry about dirty vehicles and windows, roof nails in your driveway, or other inconveniences. We clean up all debris after tear-downs, replacement, and repairs. We also offer easy and convenient scheduling and make other efforts to minimize noise and intrusion.

We understand the unique needs and nuances of slate roofing. As trusted asphalt roofing contractors in Royal Oak, MI, we have extensive history in working with nearly all roofing types. We understand how the local climate affects different roofing materials, and we account for factors like roof slopes, load-bearing limits, and the likelihood of extreme weather events. This allows for safe, enduring constructions that add value to homes and keep them protected.

When you work with us, you can also expect fair and totally transparent pricing. We offer clear and easy-to-understand, itemized estimates that provide breakdowns of all labor and materials charges. We also stand behind the roofing projects we complete with solid guarantees and superior customer service. Get in touch with Renaissance Restorations, Inc. Today to request a quote or schedule an appointment.