Innovative Home Improvement Ideas From A Masonry Contractor Ann Arbor MI

Home improvement is exhilarating! You take pride in your home and are always looking for ways to make it better. Here are some projects our masonry contractor Ann Arbor MI can help you with.


Patios are important outdoor spaces. They are prime gathering places for your friends and family. Therefore, they must be functional and structurally sound. We can create a different feel for your patio by using different materials and unique designs. We can also add different features, such as fire pits or an outdoor kitchen to make the space more exciting.


Add value to your property through masonry restoration. The space where you park your car can also add to the curb appeal of your building. We will seal up the driveway properly to reduce the chances of staining.

Outdoor kitchens

Bring the indoors out by combining traditional kitchen elements with outdoor materials. We can integrate your grill station with some kitchen features to make it more usable. We can use concrete, brick or stone to fix up the area.

Retaining walls

If you have a sloped area that is susceptible to erosion, retaining walls is the solution you may be looking for. Additionally, the walls add beauty and you can be used to create a garden feature. This will add beauty. We can build it in any shape or size, depending on the situation.

Accent walls

You can construct an accent wall indoors or outdoors to create visual interest. Usually, accent walls can be found in living rooms, offices or bedrooms. We can use several materials to create it such as bricks, concrete blocks or stone.

Work with a professional

When carrying out masonry repair, it is important to work with a professional. We can help you design and construct projects according to your specific needs. We can assist you select the right materials, patterns, and textures for a long-lasting project.